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Age Group: 13 months to 2.6 yrs

Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world

— Maria Montessori

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About our Program

In our toddler program, growing independence is recognized as the children are helped to make individual work choices, offered purposeful and developmentally appropriate activities, and the toddler’s desire to “do it myself” is respected and encouraged. The teacher directs children through the Montessori toddler curriculum where their motor (Eye and Hand) coordination, independence and language are cultivated. The sense of community is further developed with a group snack, during which fresh fruits and vegetables are prepared and served by the children each day.


  • Language Development
  • Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Care of Self
  • Care of Environment
  • Culture
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Music
  • We “potty-train”

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