Kinderhome Montessori is a co-educational, private Montessori school in Bandra (W), Mumbai offering a recognized, top quality approach that parents can rely on to educate their children. Its diversified program helps to promote intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth in children between 1.3 years – 6 years old. We follow the Montessori Method of education based on the principles and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.
Our environment is peaceful, safe and a healthy place designed to meet the developmental needs of each child in every stage of life. The classroom is designed around the children’s’ specific needs and abilities that allows them to explore and learn at their own pace and on their own terms.  Everything in the classroom is within reach of the child, and furniture is sized for children to sit comfortably.
Our teachers trained from Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), Netherlands called as “guides” in the classroom to facilitate the learning experience rather than ‘teach’ the children. They allow the child to experience the joy of learning and strive to meet each child at his/her own developmental levels – intellectually, physically, and socially.







Samantha Rosario

My little girls 3.6 and 6 years are spending their summer break mornings here .Its been a fun and wonderful experience for them.They look forward to going every morning and spending time with the teachers and staff .,whilst they have fun .Thank you for the fun 11 weeks .

Parizad Faroodi

Thank you Kinder home Montessori Viviana loves school enjoys at school and it is also helped her to shape well academically thank you once again